Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan

A Neighbourhood Plan for Stone

Stone Town Council is producing a Neighbourhood Plan for Stone to guide the planning and future development of the town up to 2031.  The Neighbourhood Plan will enable the local community to refine the adopted Stafford Borough Local Plan, and give local people more say in where new development goes and what kind of development is allowed.

Neighbourhood Plans are a new kind of plan.  They are produced by local people for their own areas and are only brought into force after a majority vote by residents in a local referendum.  It is therefore very important that local people are able to have a say about what goes into the Neighbourhood Plan.

Neighbourhood Plans are part of the statutory planning system.  This means that Stafford Borough Council will have to take the Stone Neighbourhood Plan into account when it makes decisions on planning applications in Stone.


Local Green Space Consultation 

Regulation 14 Draft Neighbourhood Plan Consultation 

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